21 Time Management Hacks Successful People Do Daily

Richard Gutkowski is a Ph.D. and author whose two-book series Debt is a Four-Letter Word — But it Need Not Be! guides young adults to financial responsibility. During the process of getting published, he encountered roadblocks in social media and other new technology that he needed to reach the millennials his books are designed to help.

“Being well into senior age,” he said, “I faced overwhelming learning curves, upkeep, maintenance time and other demands — and I lacked passion for it.”

Instead of attempting to manage the task himself, he found an easy and relatively cheap solution in hiring a college student who understood the technology and the demographic.

“She develops content for and maintains all applicable social media outlets, produces my newsletter and ghostwrites a weekly blog post based on topics in my books,” he said. “In five hours weekly she does what was taking me days and days and days.”

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