3 Powerful Tools We Can Use During These Changing Times

We have within us the power to combat fear and uncertainty.

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I’m here to share with you three very powerful tools available today to help us get through these changing times. The first tool that we have in this three-dimensional world is our body. The second tool that we have is our mind (our ego). And the third, which is the most powerful tool that we have, is our heart. That is our soul.

How can we use these three tools to have the best experience possible in this life, especially during these challenging times like right now? Let’s go through them.

1. The body

The body is here to help us experience things that we would not be able to experience without having a body. The body allows us to hold hands with people, allows us to grab things like an inspiring book or the TV remote to watch an amazing movie. It allows us to type in beautiful emails to loved ones. It allows us to, even though we’re still at home, walk, exercise and move. It allows us to feel and experience things. And so it’s up to us to choose if we’re going to experience pain or if we’re going to experience amazing feelings and emotions through our body. So let’s put it at use towards all those beautiful things that we would not be able to experience without a body.

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2. The mind

We tend to allow the mind or the ego to take control of things. However, the soul, the heart should be in command. The mind is just here to understand what the soul is saying. Pay attention and listen to what the soul is saying and then execute rationally in the three-dimensional world what the soul is commanding.

How do you know if it’s your soul commanding or your ego or mind commanding? It’s pretty simple. You have to ask yourself the question, am I acting from a place of fear or am I acting from a place of love? If you’re acting from a place of fear, you’ll know right away. And so instead you need to observe and you need to identify what the fear behind is? Go deep down, find and dissolve that pattern. Not only do you have to do that, but you also have to ask yourself the question: If I was acting from a place of love, what would I do right now?

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And make sure that you’re always executing things through your mind from a place of love, of certainty, of truth, of powerful, limitless, infinite possibility. Again, do not let your ego confuse you. You are in control. By you, I mean your consciousness, your soul, which is your infinite you. Not your three-dimensional you that will go away when we all die. I’m talking about the infinite you, which is your soul.

3. The soul

You can access the soul through connecting to your heart. When you’re connected to your heart, you’re connected to your soul, you’re connected to the source, you’re connected to your infinite power, you’re connected to your higher self, you’re connected to God, the Universe, or whatever you may want to call it. It’s important that we use that tool. Now it’s difficult when there’s so much outer noise, right? So much outer fear and confusion. You have to truly learn to turn down completely that outer confusion noise and voice and find that inner voice instead. Connect to your inner voice and when you are connected, all you have to do is ask a question and listen. You ask a question and listen. As you practice that over and over, you will receive clearer answers, quicker answers, and precise answers, which could come in different forms. They can come through visions, an inner voice, a very strong feeling, or simply an inner knowing of what to do next. The four intuitive gifts that we all have.

Use the three tools we have today available to make the best out of this living. I promise you, it is a wonderful, wonderful journey. And remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. I hope this article helps and I will talk to you guys very soon.

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