7 Personal Finance Apps to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Earlier this year, the IRS delayed Tax Day to Wednesday, July 15th. That means that the usual promises individuals and companies make about being more organized and keeping better track of finances has also been delayed. But not for much longer: It’s time for you and your business to get serious about your finances.

What follows is a list of finance apps available in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play marketplace that can help you boost your business and improve your personal finances. Best of all, they’re all free to download.


If you’re looking for a simple accounting system to manage your business, look no further than Freshbooks. It features the ability to index customers, send invoices, and organize your expenses. You can also use it to collect payments. It also allows you to have conversations with employees with the app’s chat features.


QuickBooks has long been a favorite for handle invoicing, as well as tracking expenses and collecting payments from customers. It also features a handy receipt-capturing tool that allows you to quickly log expenses without wasting time.

Wave Money

Wave Money is a no-fee business banking account that not only holds your cash, but also helps you manage it. The app lets you set up a bank account and collect payments from customers. You can also use it to manage and organize your expenses. Wave Money has an “instant payout” feature, so you can easily move cash from your account to another.


Square might be primarly known as a point-of-sale platform, but it’s also a handy tool for managing your company’s finances. It allows you to send invoices and collect payments, and comes with touch-free payment support so customers can easily and safely pay. Square works both offline and online, and allows you to accept payments for pickup or delivery.  


If you don’t have time to input expenses each month and want something simpler to use, consider trying out Expensify. It allows you to easily record and track receipts and comes with a scanning tool that automatically populates information based on snapshots of receipts. You can even have your employees use Expensify to submit their expenses quickly and reliably.


Toshl is all about allowing you to track all of your spending in one spot. It features the ability to track business and personal expenses, and with a special syncing feature, you can be sure that all of your data is saved across devices. Toshl also doubles as a budgeting tool that lets you see where your company is spending and adjust accordingly. Best of all, it automatically pulls transactions from a variety of major banks. 


Hubstaff is a one-stop app for remote work. It allows you to fully manage your remote team in one place and simplify everything from time tracking to expense management. Hubstaff also comes with the ability to track budgets and create job sites, so you can see when employees are actually working where they should focus. You can also use Hubstaff to view what employees are up to in real time.

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