Adobe reveals a sneak preview of Master Plan, an AI-assisted planner

One of the many highlights at Adobe Summit each year is the “Sneaks” segment, where the company shows off projects that give a glimpse of where its technology is going next — although these don’t always turn into real products. Today at its event in Las Vegas, Adobe revealed its latest Sneaks, including Master Plan — an AI-assisted marketing planner.

What does it do?

Master Plan assists in automating the traditional process of planning and implementing marketing campaigns.

While you might think that’s a little dry in a world full of incredible emerging technologies, Master Plan solves a real-world problem that marketers face every day — how to plan a successful marketing campaign, what creative assets to use, how best to use them, and what marketing channels you should leverage.

Powered by Adobe’s AI solution — Sensei — Master Plan has some neat tricks up its sleeve.

The planner can analyze historical performance data and map it to KPIs and success metrics. For example, Master Plan might suggest featuring a teenager instead of a Baby Boomer in ads for a new product line.

Content recommendations leverage metadata across teams and channels, including advertising, social, mobile, display, and more. It also reacts to changes automatically. If the marketing budget for the campaign drops by $ 100,000, Master Plan can show recommendations that allow for those shifts.

Using AI to suggest everything from relevant assets to the correct marketing mix, and adjusting automatically as the environment alters, is one way AI is helping marketers today with real issues. AI has undoubtedly been a big theme at this year’s Adobe Summit event, and while there will always be an essence of futurism around the use of AI in marketing technology and customer experience management, the majority of the solutions on show have been real, tangible, and available to use right now.

Today’s reveal of Master Plan is another excellent example of how AI is changing the way marketers work.

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