Are you shying away from how-to content for your blog? Learn why you shouldn’t and what it offers here.

How-to content isn’t new. It’s also not going anywhere, anytime soon. There’s a lot already out there, which makes some people think (maybe even you) that no more is needed or that how-to content is oversaturated.

This simply isn’t the case. People want to read it.

The Prominence and Appeal of “How-To” Content

When someone is searching something new or that they aren’t familiar with, part of their search phrase will likely include “how-to.” For example, “how to plan a wedding” or “how to fix a clogged sink.” It is a phrase that is universal and something that can be used by virtually any industry.

Not only do how-to articles provide readers with a chance to learn something new, but they also serve as sources of empowerment. Even if you aren’t sure how to do something, you can figure it out on your own by going online and listening to, watching, or reading content someone else created.

Since people still want this type of content, you have to make sure you incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

Finding New How-To Opportunities

In some situations, it’s obvious how adding how-to content will help your brand. For example, if you have a B2B SaaS company with products designed to help teams work and collaborate online, you could create how-to articles about transitioning to a new chat client, improving communication, and an array of other topics.

It’s crucial for you to have these articles because they address the specific need of a particular audience. They also are directly related to what your brand has to offer. They are full of natural call-to-action opportunities and show off your willingness to help solve a problem someone is having.

Some other ways you can find new opportunities to create how-to content include:

·         Ask your audience

·         Research what is being asked online

·         Speak with your sales team

If you have a brand that doesn’t have any clear ideas for the creation of how-to content, you must explore the available top-of-the-funnel opportunities, which is possible using the methods above.

Get Creative with Your New How-To Content

In some situations, you need to create guides that may exist, but your goal is to do a better job in some way. This means thinking outside the box and going that extra mile. This doesn’t mean having to do something extravagant or costly.

For example, after Covid-19 impacted the world, the CDC released a new guide on how to wash your hands the right way. Instead of using the often-seen diagrams, they created a list of steps and videos showing how to do each step of the process. It was better than anything available.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of How-To Content

When it comes to how-to content, you can’t ignore how crucial it is or what it has to offer. If you need help, consult the pros.

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