This Good Unicorn Was Rejected By Silicon Valley For Helping “Poor People.” Now It’s Worth $2B.

Homeownership has long been one of the biggest levers for wealth-building. For lower-income families, this critical component of the American Dream has become more and more unattainable with the increasing unaffordability of homes. This is the problem Divvy is solving.   Divvy is the first real estate platform that helps families save for a down payment […]


SlashNext, which uses AI to combat phishing, raises $26M

Phishing, a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a message designed to trick a victim into revealing sensitive information or installing malware or ransomware, is on the rise. According to recent research from Proofpoint, 75% of organizations around the world experienced a phishing attack in 2020 — and 74% of attacks targeting U.S. businesses […]


3 Consumer Electronic Industry Trends Shaping Our Lives

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Consumer electronics stands as one of the biggest industries that showcase technological advancements most clearly. Today, most people have devices in their homes that would have only been available to the biggest research laboratories and the ultra-wealthy in the most recent past. As technological capability continues to grow, […]