Build a Thriving Ecommerce Business With Help From This Book

The world of ecommerce is increasingly lucrative and is one of the best ways to be your own boss, pursue your passions and connect with others. However, it can be difficult to know where to start — or if you have started, how to scale.

The Ultimate Guide To Shopify by Jason R. Rich from Entrepreneur Press provides all the tools, resources and step-by-step guidance needed to jumpstart and run your own ecommerce business that’s built to thrive. The book walks you through how to get started and shares proven marketing strategies to boost sales, exclusive interviews from industry experts and dozens of other resources to facilitate a successful online business.

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The Ultimate Guide To Shopify breaks down the process every step of the way — from getting started to ultimately running the business successfully — so that no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you can excel with tools, strategies and insight from those who have cracked the code of utilizing Shopify to expand their brands.

Read a free preview of the book here, and get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Shopify from Entrepreneur Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Bookshop — it’s available now.

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