3 Books That Will Improve Your Long-Range Planning

A once-in-a-century global pandemic. Unprecedented strain on the global supply chain. Crushing inflation. Desperate labor shortages. Deadly heat waves and storms driven by worsening climate change. Europe’s first cross-border shooting war in 80 years. The world has been through a lot already this decade, much of it unprecedented in living memory—inconceivable before it happened. It’s […]


The Slow Death Of Third-Party Cookies

By Vlad Gozman, a serial entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of involve.me. Follow @vladgozman on Twitter. getty In 1992, Netscape made history by inventing the cookie, enabling websites to remember user information and preferences. This simple invention sparked the digital advertising revolution, and cookies quickly became the lifeblood of the online ecosystem. Today, the […]


4 Marketing Trends On The Horizon This Year

People discussing growth analytics displayed on laptop. getty Relying on marketing practices you know inside out can be comforting and predictable. You’re almost sure you’ll get results and prove your campaign’s value to the higher-ups. But when it comes to marketing, consumers rule. Their waning attention spans and the technology and content they respond to […]

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Every Entrepreneur Will Encounter This Question from Investors When Fundraising. Here’s the Right Way to Answer It.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Why are you fundraising? If you’re a startup, the answer seems obvious — you need money. Putting aside the flippant response, you need to retain your rockstar employees, acquire customers, pay for services/cloud hosting/whatever — oh, and also pay your founders so you can all live and […]