Multiple Analysts are Calling These 3 Stocks a Buy

Investors have differing opinions about the value of sell-side research. Some swear by it, while others prefer to build their investment thesis around other tenants. There are certainly cases to be made for both positions. Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat What’s less contentious is that Wall Street analysts are the best resource we have when it […]


Growth Ahead for Central Garden & Pet

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ:CENT) is not your garden variety consumer defensive stock. In recent years, the company has demonstrated a unique ability to go on offense by capitalizing on not one but two growing industries. Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat With exposure to the surging pet products industry as well as the healthy gardening market, […]


If You Can Look Past Bad Optics, AT&T May be a Viable Trade

The plight of AT&T (NYSE: T) evokes some truths about human nature and investor sentiment. For years, AT&T was criticized for wandering far afield from its core wireless business. This was particularly troubling as competitors such as Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) passed the company in the rollout of 5G technology.  Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat So it was a cathartic move […]


Forget Active Vs. Passive: Why Not Own Both Types Of Funds?

Decades of research show the benefits of asset allocation using index funds. But new research suggests that many active strategies outperform over time, even after fees are taken into account. Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat Asset managers including John Hancock and Morgan Stanley have researched the active vs. passive question, as it’s in their interest to […]

Entrepreneurs Miscellaneous

Want to Raise Money Faster? Talk About Yourself

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Entrepreneurs are generally comfortable discussing their business models, financials, and marketing strategies in great detail with investors. But their thorough investment pitches rarely include comprehensive information about the founders themselves. That’s because to avoid coming across as self-aggrandizing, many leaders amplify the benefits of the product but […]


Employees of United Airlines Are Suing Over Mandatory Vaccines. Is Your Business Next?

United Airlines has an impressive 97 percent vaccinated workforce, but six employees who sought accommodations are suing, saying the offered accommodations are essentially a termination.  The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) clearly said that companies could require mandatory vaccinations as long as they offer accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and religious exemptions. President Biden’s […]