Amazon Must ‘Cease And Desist’ With Its Retaliation Against Unionization Efforts, Judge Says

In mid-November, a judge in the Eastern District of New York ruled that Amazon must stop retaliating against employees engaging in protected labor activities, and must read a copy of the court’s decision to workers at Amazon’s first warehouse in Staten Island, The Guardian reported. Bloomberg I Getty ImagesChristian Smalls, president and founder of the […]

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Florida Woman Sues Kraft for $5 Million Over Prep Time for Velveeta Shells and Cheese

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Velveeta’s microwaveable shells & cheese product takes just three and a half minutes to heat—among the quickest of quick lunches. Florida woman Amanda Ramirez claims it’s not that simple. Bloomberg | Getty Images Ramirez’s attorneys filed court documents with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District […]


These 3 Apparel Stocks Are Fit for a Comeback

The U.S. apparel market is forecast to contract 2% this year. Not bad considering the myriad of challenges facing clothing manufacturers and retailers. Ongoing supply chain disruption, higher materials costs and inventory build-ups have weighed on the industry in 2022. MarketBeat.com – MarketBeat Thankfully, apparel investors may not lose their shirts for much longer. Fewer […]


US Airports See Busiest Sunday In Three Years

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The coronavirus pandemic isn’t officially over, but that didn’t stop millions of passengers who took to the air the Sunday after Thanksgiving. According to CNN, U.S. airports had their busiest day since December 26, 2019, with 2.6 million people passing through TSA checkpoints nationwide. Michael Kuhn | […]


What is ‘KN Car?’ 30,000-Plus People Are Reportedly Googling the Question Every Month After the Kia Logo Redesign Last Year

The “KIA” in any other image would probably be less confusing. Courtesy companyThe new Kia logo, which some say looks too much like In January 2021, car manufacturer Kia redesigned its formerly recognizable circular “KIA” logo, which it had in some format since 1994, to a more stylized depiction of the company’s name. But the […]


Top 5 Reasons Facial Biometrics Can Help Your Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Using a person’s face to authenticate themselves is something that humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. New technological advancements have transformed how we interact with one another, and businesses especially are capitalizing on these advancements to verify identity. Those previous pillars of in-person […]