Emma Spivey: Founder Of Her Royal Hempress Discovers Power In Plant Medicine

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why Cannabis? What brought you to the plant? How long have you worked around this healing plant?

Emma Spivey=ES: Cannabis came into my life through my family’s love of horticulture and herbalism. My grandmother was a master gardener and her passion for botany lives on in me. As one of the first women to attend UC Berkeley, she was the definition of an independent thinker and taught me to question societal norms. At about the age of 10, my grandmother signed me up for the UC Berkeley Wellness Newsletter which provides the latest research in health. When legalization started to gain momentum, I was exposed to scientific studies about the medical benefits of cannabis. I found it fascinating—the seed had been planted. 

That fascination grew during high school in Palo Alto, California during the 90s as the early struggle for cannabis legalization played out before my eyes. The community was full of progressive, free-thinkers living earth-conscious lifestyles. The strong, vocal nature of advocates for medical marijuana showed a pathway for plant medicine that’s stayed with me to this day.

 When the federal legalization of hemp occurred, I knew it was my time to turn my passion into action. I’d recently left behind my advertising career in NYC and moved to Austin, TX. There, I was certified in Permaculture Design, while simultaneously deepening my knowledge of herbalism. I learned how to distill essential oils and formulate various types of plant medicine like mushroom tinctures and herbal oil infusions. It was a natural progression to incorporate cannabis into these teachings. 

 I love working with cannabis because quite frankly—I’m obsessive when something fascinates and inspires me. One of my favorite pastimes is studying plants, not just their scientific implications, but also their spiritual, cultural, and historical significance. That’s why my collection is so focused on synergistic blends that utilize specific botanicals to enhance the therapeutic benefits of CBD. It comes from a love of learning about plant relationships and how different organic compounds complement each other. 

WB: Tell me about your company? What is your six and twelve month goals? 

ES: My skincare collection is defined by synergistic, small-batch blends of full-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals that have been specially crafted with the highest attention to detail. At the core of each formulation is a commitment to premium, non-toxic ingredients, sustainably-sourced raw materials, and the cleanest extraction methods available. We also donate a portion of proceeds to nonprofits that protect butterflies and bees. My husband and I are beekeepers so giving back to pollinators is a key mission of my company. 

 Considering the pandemic, my six-month goals are to redouble my efforts online and build a robust network of relationships spanning influencers, bloggers, and like-minded regional entrepreneurs. There are some really cool things happening here in Willie Nelson’s homeland. It’s exhilarating to be part of a small community at the beginning of something new. Cannabis tends to bring the best people together. My twelve-month goals are to be in boutique CBD stores and indie beauty shops across the country as well as luxury department stores. 

WB: How did you determine your CBD dosages? What are your products used for?  Tell me about them?

ES: I determined the amount of CBD in each product through research and experimentation. After trying the products of numerous competitors, I saw a gap in the market in the strength and quality of the ingredients being used. From the start, I knew I had to have full-spectrum CBD and supercritical CO2 extraction. Each of my products went through several rounds of sampling until the perfect formulation and amount of CBD was determined. My Supreme Relief Muscle Rub works wonders on aches and pains. It’s formulated with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and a potent blend of analgesic herbs that cause a warming sensation. Then, there’s my luxurious Chakra Bliss Body Oil—it’s infused with 400mg of full-spectrum CBD and deeply nourishes your skin, while notes of jasmine and lavender create an aura of calm. Formulated with a variety of antioxidant-rich botanicals and fast-absorbing oils, my luscious body oil will leave your skin dewy and aglow without clogging pores. Lastly, the cult-favorite of the collection, my Absolute Glow Face Serum, is formulated with 150mg of CBD, plus a multitude of youth-restoring cosmetic active ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, CoQ10 and more. It’s ideal for calming red, reactive skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and boosting your natural radiance. The formulation is so richly hydrating, many of my customers skip their usual moisturizer when using it. 

 WB: Do you cook? What’s your favorite food memory from your childhood?  Do you have a food from childhood that you miss, but don’t eat any longer?

ES: I love to cook, especially hearty stews that keep my family comforted. Though, I’m known best for my killer deli sandwiches. I make a mean turkey, avocado, and provolone on sourdough that’s perfect for picnics. My favorite food memory is sneaking into my grandparent’s garage with my sister to raid their secret stash of chocolate Bonbons. My grandmother kept them hidden in their second freezer beneath the leftovers. I don’t think I’ve had a Bonbon since I was 8, but I love the memory of tasting forbidden dessert. 

 WB:What is your passion? 

ES: My passion is my family. I have a son and a little one on the way. My husband and I live in the countryside on a 10-acre ranch with a slew of dogs, a couple of beehives, and way too many plants (as if that’s even possible). Everything I do is for my loved ones and the off-the-grid lifestyle we’re building towards. Like my grandmother and mother, I’m happiest when my hands are covered in rich, life-giving soil with my family surrounding me.

Emma Spivey, Founder & Creator of Her Royal Hempress [herroyalhempress.com], Skincare Rooted in the Power of Cannabis. 

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