Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westhope Is For Sale In Tulsa: ‘The Most Significant Property to Become Available This Generation’

Tulsa’s Westhope is one of only three Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures in Oklahoma. The listing calls it “the most significant property to become available in this generation” — and it can be yours for $7.995 million.

The home is one of the largest residences Wright ever built. According to the listing, the 10,000-square-foot structure is made out of cement “textile” blocks and alternating piers of square glass windows (more than 5,000 pieces of glass were used). Outside of California, Westhope is the only Wright project to use this style, according to Architectural Digest.

The 10,000-square-foot home was built for Wright’s cousin, Tulsa Tribune publisher Richard Lloyd Jones, almost 100 years ago, and has five bedrooms and 5.25 baths on 1.5 acres.

The rare brutalist beauty also has a large pool and plenty of room for entertaining.

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