Have a Hard Time Sleeping? The Solution Might Be a Weighted, Cooling Blanket.

Get a better night’s rest with this cooling weighted blanket.

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There are several reasons why you’re tossing and turning at night: insomnia, anxious thoughts about the impact of coronavirus on your life, feeling overheated, you name it. And with so many potential issues, it may be surprising to hear that there could be a singular solution. But as research suggests, there is: the weighted blanket. 

A weighted blanket looks like a standard comforter, but instead of being a traditional duvet, it’s filled with anywhere from five to 30 pounds of tiny beads. These beads provide an even distribution of pressure when you burrow yourself under it, mimicking the sensation of a hug. The result is a surge of serotonin and dopamine production in your body (the kind that makes you feel calm and relaxed), which ultimately leads to an increase in melatonin, the natural chemical that makes us tired. Various studies have backed up the weighted blanket’s ability to help people get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and ease their stress all at the same time. 

And while many designs stop and start there, the Hush Iced cooling blanket takes the weighted blanket concept one step further by integrating a cooling cover with its sweat-wicking bamboo. The cooling effect makes it especially great for those who get overheated while they sleep or those looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket even in the dead of summer. 

Each size of the Hush Iced blanket also happens to be on sale right now, too. Its Personal Ice Blanket (which weighs in at 12 pounds) is on sale for $ 179.99, Queen-sized blanket weighing in at 20 pounds and 25 pounds are on sale for $ 233.99. The 30-pound Queen-sized blanket is now $ 242.99, and its two variations of King size blankets, 30 pounds and 35 pounds, are now $ 251.99 and $ 279, respectively. Pro-tip: weighted blankets should be about 10 percent of your body weight for maximum effectiveness. 

Additionally, all of the Hush Iced blankets are made with non-toxic glass sand, and a portion of each sale is dedicated to delivering blankets to those in need. 

An affordable price tag, functional design, cooling properties, and it supports a great cause. Those are all the makings of a fantastic weighted blanket if you ask us. 

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