Heap launches behavioral attribution platform

Heap is aiming to automate insights, and it is starting today with the launch of Heap Behavior Attribution. The new product is the first industry’s first attribution product that measures behavior, and does so in a way that requires no data science or engineering resources, the company said.

The Heap Behavioral Attribution measures standard marketing channels (i.e. Google and Facebook), and also ties in a set of broad user behavior, including email, customer relationship management (CRM), shopping cart, customer success, and either-or testing platforms. Examples include user behaviors stored in Salesforce, Marketo, Shopify, Autopilot, Optimizely, Oracle, and more.

“Until this launch, only big companies with big budgets could deploy attribution, or marketers didn’t deploy it at all because it was simply too hard,” said Matin Movassate, CEO of Heap, in a statement. “Because Heap captures everything and is completely codeless, real attribution is finally available to every marketer.”

Unlike legacy attribution products, Heap’s Identity works across all channels and unifies every customer touch-point, both online and off, and stores that data in the cloud. It can measure web, mobile and offline event information. Marketers can then use this data to deploy attribution and pinpoint how each behavior on the customer’s journey influences revenue.

Above: Heap has observed a decline in conversions on Facebook since its recent privacy crisis hit.

Image Credit: Heap

With the new behavioral attribution, marketers can automatically capture user behavior without having to implement tracking code or wait on their data team. Marketers can tag user actions like reading a blog, downloading a whitepaper or visiting a webpage and easily and retroactively measure the influence of marketing efforts on conversion.

They can also match browser behavior with attribution. Heap matches the way users actually browse the internet and the actions they take before conversion. Unify and seamlessly tie together newsletters, mobile, app, web and email actions and more to unique identities regardless of the channels they came from.

Heap was founded in 2013, and it has raised $ 40 million to date from New Enterprise Associates, Pear VC, Menlo Ventures, and Initialized Capital. It has more than 100 employees and 6,000 customers. Customers include Twilio, Lending Club, App Annie, Morningstar, Monotype, and Casper.

Heap’s main existing business is a behavioral analytics platform that allows marketers to have a visceral connection with their customers. Heap allows marketers to capture every customer interaction and action, and analyze how this impact conversion rate, loyalty, and lifetime value. Any business that makes money online wants to optimize how it engages with their customer.

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