How AI is fueling business acceleration (VB Live)

The volume of data companies are amassing about their markets and their customers is growing exponentially, and with it, the potential to grow your business, your market share, and your bottom line. Artificial intelligence is the key. Join this VB Live event to learn how to harness the potential of AI, and more.

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Artificial intelligence has moved way beyond the super hilarious Terminator jokes to a place where marketers are finding practical use cases and seeing real ROI. The amount of data you’ve got on your customers is staggering, and with artificial intelligence, it become a goldmine.

With AI, you can dig deep into user needs, and behaviors, and predict their future actions, optimize your campaigns on the fly, and provide hyperpersonalized experiences where and when and how your customers expect and want to be connected with and more.

And size doesn’t matter anymore. What used to be an enterprise-grade technology requiring teams of hardcore data scientists is now available to any size company with marketers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get ready to leverage AI capabilities. What does it take?

Invest in your data

Your output is always only ever as good as your input. And the data you have on customers and campaigns is great — but unless you harmonize and normalize your data sources to ensure they’re all in compatible formats, you’re going to have a hard time wringing out anything useful. The first step, whether you do it in-house or outsource to one of the myriad of professionals poised to jump on your job, is to eliminate data silos and ensure all your data is compatible between sources and with your technology. Ignore this step and you’ll be wasting your technology investment.

Build a business case

Artificial intelligence can transform your marketing — hooray! But how? Look carefully at your own processes, and think about how much time is being spent on repetitive and administrative tasks, from social media updates to A/B testing, and to your media spend and keyword research and more. That’s where your AI investment is going to be the most cost-effective and deliver the biggest return on investment. 

Invest in your strategy

Not all AI-powered algorithms are alike — and AI technology, while democratized, isn’t quite plug-and-play yet. Choosing both the right algorithmic strategy and the right underlying AI technology to run algorithms is really the key market differentiator for your business. Again, you can build a team in-house or outsource to get yourself started.

To learn more about the marketing use cases for AI, what kind of ROI you’ll realize when you invest in artificial intelligence, and how to get started, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Measure your company’s AI readiness
  • Apply AI to leapfrog markets (and your competitors)
  • Understand the regional factors affecting AI implementation
  • Identify the factors that improve the likelihood of enterprise-level AI adoption


  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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