How Entrepreneurs Can Create A Vision With A Positive Impact


When I started working on my latest venture in the health and wellness industry, I first decided to take different steps to come up with my vision and how I would go about achieving it. Every step came to me while I was traveling, almost as if I were letting pieces of myself go so new pieces could come together.

As I was entering this new phase of my career, I realized I needed to do more than just reevaluate my work life. I also needed to learn to embrace change in all four pillars of my life and let go of things that didn’t resonate with who I was anymore. I needed to curate my vision both personally and professionally.

The best part of curating your vision is understanding that any failures leading up to that point weren’t a waste. They were all stepping stones to get you where you are. When I was looking back at all my failures, I realized that each of them played a major role in developing my new vision and what I wanted to achieve. I saw how each failure had taught me something that I could use in the future. They were all setting me up for my grand venture in the health and wellness space.

Here are some steps I took while traveling that I believe other entrepreneurs looking to create a vision for their companies can take, too:

Listen to your heart, and follow back.

Every time I wanted to follow my heart, I would see the logical side of things and step back. I knew in order to create a vision, I needed revenue, but that’s where I stopped. Through my travels, I realized the importance of a clear vision, and I received inspiration to turn my current vision into an opportunity to create revenue goals, bring people together and help them with their health. This was going to be the most fulfilling for me.

One way entrepreneurs can go about listening to their hearts is simply by asking themselves what they would contribute to the world if they were not getting paid for it. Avoid getting discouraged by not listening to people who bring you down. So many people had told me not to do what I am doing, but I would often say, “No.” In my heart, I knew that I was going to make my vision something valuable in the world.

Discover yourself.

I put my vision on hold for a while so I could travel more and discover how I can contribute to today’s world. When I met new people on my journey, they were essentially messengers who had given me a piece of my vision.

For example, when I was in Egypt, I took a master class on palm reading. This experience reminded me of some of the darkest moments I’ve faced in my life, but it also helped me discover some of the most fulfilling and rewarding moments of my life. As a result, my vision became a bit clearer, and I realized I could be of service to people with conditions like mine, and I could understand them better than most.

In order to discover yourself, try to understand why things might be happening the way they are. I believe if you are able to connect the dots, you are getting closer to your own truth. For example, while traveling, I connected with spiritual people who helped me see things in my life that I couldn’t see for myself. They helped me come up with a vision for what I wanted to create.

Never compromise who you are, for anyone.

Throughout my life, I have, admittedly, occasionally compromised aspects of who I am so I could fit into my environment. Most people I compromised myself for didn’t like who I was; they didn’t accept me for who I was, and I cared too much about what they thought of me.

This not only brought me further away from my vision but also from being able to contribute to the world in a big way. I was oftentimes compromising my values and my truth so I could participate in activities that didn’t enlighten me whatsoever. I realized later what a big waste of time this was and how it didn’t benefit my goals in life. But once I began to recognize who I truly was and what I stood for, things changed rapidly.

One way of not compromising who you are as an entrepreneur is to keep in mind the steps I’ve already listed above: Listen to your heart, and discover yourself. Of course, it’s important to be able to implement feedback from others, but don’t let people dictate you or your vision, whether that means forgoing investment or staying firm on your values.

Focus on benefiting the world as a whole with your solution.

My goal in life has always been about thinking big and helping women heal. I wanted to help them so much that I would research everything I could to help them improve in their situation. Sometimes, this involved my just simply being there for them and guiding them with their health. Other times, it would be my speaking with someone they hired to ensure they would not receive the run-around.

It’s this type of compassion that I’ve found essential when building a business. For me, starting a business has never been about the money; it’s about helping others. And I believe all entrepreneurs should consider how they can contribute to the greater good.

I am so excited to embark on my new venture because I am helping people get their life back in a big way. Throughout my own life, I had many mentors guide me on the right path, and now it’s my turn. By following the tips above, you can begin solidifying your own vision and ensure it has a positive impact.

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