How To Make Five Figures From Your Book (Before It Even Hits Shelves)

Audria Richmond never wanted to be an author, but after four best sellers – she’s cracked the book launch code.

“As a seven-figure marketing and launch strategist, I am about building profitable campaigns. In plain English, that means that I spend ninety-nine percent of my time focused on getting to the money. Big money. So when I learned that most books written by self-publishing authors are more like free labors of love, I thought I’d pass,” remembers Richmond. 

“Now that I am on my fourth bestseller, I’ve clearly cracked the code on how to make noise and money with books. While the majority of self-published book author generates less than $ 1,000 a year from their creations, my soon-to-be released book, UnCloned Marketing, has already made more than $ 54,000 in less than 30 days.”

Audria shared her secrets to a successful book launch:

1. Sell Experiences, Not Books 

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One of the biggest challenges that self-published authors face is making a book profitable. On average, a self-published book will only sell 250 copies in its lifetime. So if you want to make your book worth more than the paper it’s printed on, you have to get creative. One way to do that is to bundle value-packed products and services related to your book to skyrocket your sales.

“With my marketing campaign for this book, I knew I wanted to challenge the norms and go beyond the basics of simply offering buyers the option to purchase paperback, hardback, or audio versions of the book,” says Richmond. “Instead, I created a reader-centric menu of unique experiences that ranged from $ 19.99 to $ 2,500. I offered readers the option to pick their book cover color, buy “Bestie Bundles,” or even purchase books as part of a “Mystery Box” with dope products and all-access passes to virtual events, none of which were revealed until after purchase. (The Mystery Boxes sold out. Twice). These experiences not only thrilled buyers but created an additional $ 35,000 in revenue for me.

2. Share Your Milestones With Your Customers

Everyone wants to be a part of a win. Set a sales goal and drum up momentum and excitement around your campaign by publicly sharing your progress on social media. When your community rallies around you, the book will sell itself.

“Taking a cue from Kickstarter campaigns, I brought my tribe along for the ride for my book launch. Throughout the entire marketing campaign for the book, I leveraged social media to share major milestones as we raced towards the initial goal of selling 500 books by the book’s official release date of July 20, 2020,” notes Richmond. “I launched the pre-sale campaign on May 11th, and in nine days, we’d sold over 200 copies. At 400, 500, and 600 copies, I shared a status update encouraging the community to help push the book. People jumped on the bestselling bandwagon and started championing the book too. They shared their purchase receipts on their IG feeds and influencers bought big quantities of books for their clients. By July 8th, we’d sold over 1,500 copies.”

3. Party With Them While They Wait

When you show up at a concert, there’s an opening act that hits the stage before the headliner does. It should be the same with books. While your potential buyers wait for the book to drop, keep them excited with free classes, workshops, and resources.

“Once I saw how hyped people were about the book, I wanted to do something extra special to not only show love for everyone who supported me, but to also take the marketing campaign up a notch. I made an impromptu decision to open the digital doors to a pop-up Facebook group where we could party together. Guests are treated to free marketing challenges, appearances from me and other guest experts along with an all-access pass to UnCloned Con, my annual virtual conference that offers a half-day of non-stop teaching on the latest trends in marketing, branding, sales, social media, and tech,” says Richmond.

Pre-selling is the key to making your book as successful as possible, follow Audria’s steps to get the most out of your launch.

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