How To Repurpose Live Videos To Boost Engagement

By Blair Williams, the founder of MemberPress, an all-in-one membership website software for WordPress

Repurposing content is a quick and clever way to create fresh and interesting material for your blog or website. One way to do this is to change your live videos into other formats.

The key to building a relationship with your audience and creating trust is engagement. When your audience interacts with you, they’ll feel more comfortable with your business. They will then, hopefully, feel confident enough to subscribe to your blog or buy from you. 

Live videos on social media and webinars are already engaging, but repurposing your content will allow you to extend that engagement, albeit in a smaller way. 

In this article, I’d like to showcase a few practical ways to transform your live videos into other communication formats. Let’s get started!

Edit and add your live videos to YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most highly visited websites on the internet today. People use it for information and entertainment, making it a great platform to garner attention and engagement. Adding your videos on YouTube will help send more traffic to your brand.

The next time you take a live video, make sure that you record it. If it doesn’t have any private or gated information, you can post it on YouTube for the public to see. The helpful thing about this platform is that it is widely supported and has a large user base.

You’ll be able to embed your video into a blog, email or social media post. Your audience will be able share it easily, too, because it will be supported on desktop, mobile and all online platforms. 

Cross-post to other social media platforms.

This is an easy and obvious step to repurpose your content. You can add your Facebook Live video, for instance, to your LinkedIn or Twitter feed.

You will need to make changes to your description and use the right hashtags for each platform. For some platforms like Instagram, you’d do well to showcase short snippets rather than long videos. Also, make use of stories on Snapchat and other platforms because this format does well with younger generations. 

Many social media platforms have added tools solely for businesses. Add links, GIFs and interactive polls, along with other elements, to make your stories more engaging.

Use live video as material for podcasts.

You can use your live video and convert it into a podcast directly if you plan your video in advance. You can also use your webinar or live video content as inspiration for your podcast material. One way to boost engagement is to offer your listeners transcripts and “lessons learned” for signing up on your mailing list. 

Podcasts reach people who prefer to listen to content as they commute or do other tasks. Converting your live content into an audio form will help you engage people who can’t set aside time for videoconferences.

Create a blog post.

Although videos are at the top when it comes to engaging and popular content forms, you’ll find that many people prefer to read helpful material. It gives them the time to understand the information you’ve provided. People can also consume it at their leisure. 

You can create a thoughtful blog post that highlights the key points of your live video. Add your live video link to the blog post as well so that your readers can explore the video if they’d like to. 

Repurpose your live videos and boost engagement.

Repurposing your live video will allow you to continue building on the engagement that you’ve already created. When you turn your live video content into other formats, you give your audience a reason to go back to the material. You’ll also reach people who don’t have the time, opportunity or inclination to attend a webinar. 

We’ve looked at a few ways you can repurpose your live videos and engage your audience. I’m sure you can come up with more creative ways to repurpose your content. Keep experimenting and reaching out to people, and you’re certain to win them over and turn them into customers.

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