Surprise Leadership Tip To Soar Through COVID-19 Crisis

Your leadership matters, especially during a crisis. How do you soar as a leader?

“In this challenging time we are all now living in, it seems daunting to confront each day and soar,” says bestselling author Arthur Samuel Joseph. He is arguably the top vocal coach for leaders in the world.

“I do not just say get through the day and survive,” adds Joseph. “For in my work, I teach us how to soar—to be like the mythological Phoenix who symbolizes renewal and resurrection. Nothing helps us soar more than singing.”

Ah singing, even singing in the shower or singing in the car, can improve your vocal power. Joseph’s mission is “to change the world through voice.” He has taught leadership through voice globally for over five decades, and his client roster is a who’s who of celebrities and business leaders.

“None of us has been on this journey before,” says Joseph. “Each day, each week we hear from global thought leaders who share their heartfelt insights from their personal wisdom traditions. For my part, I have consistently been writing about the power of breath and have shared other techniques to enhance our personal sovereignty.”

Joseph’s education — a combined major of music, philosophy and psychology — has served as the foundation for his now 50 plus years of teaching and coaching. With the creation of his Vocal Awareness proprietary teaching method, Joseph has worked with thousands of actors, singers, politicians, broadcasters, business leaders, multi-national corporations, and countless others who have all recognized the significance of empowerment through voice.

Check out his TEDx talk on “Empowerment Through Voice: Communication Mastery for Mindful Leaders.”

Vocal power builds your brand, whether you lead a big company or are an independent consultant. Joseph does not want you to pooh-pooh the idea of singing.

“Singing is primal,” says Joseph. “Infants often hum while nursing. Singing is known as ‘the first art.’ In a number of instances archaeologists who studied ancient cave paintings, also discovered reindeer antler flutes in the cave environment. Here were our ancestors, barely above the survival level, with the intrinsic need to ritualize music and chant. I remember one moment where I fell asleep singing to one of our boys and woke up with him singing to me while stroking my brow.”

No one knows how to leverage voice better than Joseph. In his fifth book, Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery, Joseph shares all his secrets to what he terms Communication Mastery. The audio book (read by the author) changed the trajectory of my speaking career and receive my highest recommendation. I always learn something helpful when I listen to Joseph speak.

He has business leaders at Disney, Toyota, Ritz-Carlton, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and broadcasters at the NFL, NBA, MLB, ESPN, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. His client list includes Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Charlton Heston, Zooey Deschanel, Sylvester Stallone and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, just to name a few.

“Lastly, singing heals,” says Joseph. “Singing releases endorphins, neurochemicals that bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being. Singing also releases oxytocin, the hormone that can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. A number of years ago the journalist Norman Cousins wrote a book called The Anatomy of an Illness, which was a case study on how he healed himself from chronic illness through laughter. In regards to Cousins wonderful insight, I have since written that ‘laughter is to singing what crawling is to running.’ Laughter is just the beginning of a healing process. Singing is the fulfillment of that process.”

According to Joseph, sound is expressed emotion. When people sustain sound as in singing, they sustain that emotion. Through singing people are able to access feeling and vibration that instantly and miraculously enhances their well-being.

“So please,” says Joseph to all business leaders, “sing your heart out.”

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