OK, Fine. I Take Back What I Said About the Old CEO of McDonald’s. (But Honestly, How Could I Have Known?)

Last year, when McDonald’s parted ways with CEO Steve Easterbrook, I wrote about what we knew at the time–and what we learned soon after. I was impressed by how quickly and masterfully McDonald’s seemed to handle it all–not just announcing Easterbook’s departure and naming his replacement over the course of a weekend, but also the granular, […]


Customers Care About How Your Supply Chain Functions—Time To Bring It’s Impact Up To Higher Standards

Seventh Generation employees participate in the 2019 global climate strike Seventh Generation Supply chains are critically important facilitators of our global economy, providing crucial resources and materials to companies to produce their products and services. And as we’ve seen recently, disruptions to supply chains can have major impacts.  In addition, People are increasingly expecting and […]