13 Concrete Ways Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Build Their Self-Confidence Against The Naysayers

As a budding entrepreneur, you’re likely to meet a lot of people telling you “no.” While some of these people are well-meaning, the constant negativity can eventually impact your self-confidence. The unfortunate truth is that you can’t avoid naysayers altogether. While their negativity is depressing, sometimes they have valuable knowledge and information you will need. […]


Area 1 Security raises $25 million for AI tools to protect against phishing

Area 1 Security, a cybersecurity company offering AI-driven protections against phishing attacks, today announced it raised $ 25 million. A spokesperson said the funding will accelerate R&D and the expansion of Area 1’s go-to-market resources with a particular focus on an “aggressive multi-tier channel strategy,” after a sixth-month period during which the startup claims to […]