Even Businesses Miles Away From the Wildfires Are Suffering a Terrible Toll

The LNU Lightning Complex wildfire just outside Vacaville, California in August didn’t raze Nathan Reppert’s Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina, but nearby evacuations and billowing ash clouds have already cost the business about $ 40,000 in missed revenue, Reppert estimates. Amid a historic wildfire season on the West Coast, with simultaneous blazes in Oregon, Washington, and California, plus a […]


Finding Joy And Gratitude Even During The Toughest Times

For many, pre-COVID life was pretty stressful. Now, with a global pandemic, uncertainty for the future, and worldwide protests, our stress levels are approaching new levels. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Elizabeth Boham—a true visionary behind finding positivity and gratitude during both good times and bad. As a physician specializing in functional […]