Why Entrepreneurs Should Aim to Fail — That’s Right. They Should Actively Seek It.

Here’s a viewpoint that might cause you to do a double take: Actively seeking rejection means you’re learning, adapting and getting that much closer to your destination. Related: 4 Ways To Push Through Adversity and Failure Without Ego Before you click away, just think about this a moment: Entrepreneurs are innovators: They defy conventional wisdom to find ways […]


How Mismanaging Marketing Causes Many Startups To Fail (And How To Manage Marketing Better)

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Getty getty Startup failure is well documented. According to Matt Hirst, Partner at West, a venture studio that specializes in designing, building, and launching brands, a key reason startups fail is because they undervalue marketing. Below, I share Hirst’s insights on the marketing problem so many […]