Repeatable Processes are Good, But People Make the Business

Every business leader I know struggles with the competing demands of finding and keeping employees motivated and satisfied, versus building and enforcing a set of repeatable processes that work. Obviously, both are required for a company to stay healthy and growing. In my experience, providing people leadership is the tougher challenge, and the more critical one. As a […]


Leadership Is Filled With Tension. Can That Be A Good Thing?

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin vibrant rope from tangle getty Leading an organization is incredibly rewarding and equally humbling. It requires healthy doses of confidence and humility. Every success is built on lessons from mistakes made. You are frequently questioning your assumptions, being questioned, assessing your decisions, weighing data versus instinct, […]


Too Many Good Girls? – Why Ingrained Attitudes May Be Underpinning Gender Inequality In Investment

Camilla Lundin and Vendela Lilliestralle Qalora Capital Having graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics, Camilla Lundin and Lilliestralle wasted little time before co-founding Qalora Capital – a “boutique investment bank” aimed at helping entrepreneurs to raise capital.    And as they began to build contacts in the world of equity investment, it became apparent that […]


What Makes a Good Marketing Manager?

June 16, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Many marketing professionals aspire to become excellent marketing managers who can direct entire teams toward commercial and creative success. Despite the allure of becoming a marketing manager, however, it’s an immensely difficult position to master. Many marketing specialists do quite well […]