Arlan Hamilton and Steve Case: 3 Ways for Investors to Support Diverse Startups

Arlan Hamilton remembers what she thought upon learning that roughly 90 percent of U.S. venture capital funds go to companies led by White men: This isn’t just unfair–it’s a missed opportunity. “The people I’ve been surrounded by have been from so many diverse backgrounds,” Hamilton, the founder of Los Angeles-based VC firm Backstage Capital, said on Thursday at […]


Inside Gumroad’s Historic Crowdfunding — And Sahil Lavingia’s Plans To Turn Customers Into Investors

Just before launching the crowdfunding campaign for his startup, Gumroad, Sahil Lavingia fretted. Despite two of tech’s big names, AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried, committed to invest a combined $ 1 million into Gumroad, other investors warned Lavingia against becoming a sacrificial lamb as the first entrepreneur to test the SEC’s […]