Responsible AI in health care starts at the top — but it’s everyone’s responsibility (VB Live)

The power of audio From podcasts to Clubhouse, branded audio is more important than ever. Learn how brands are increasing customer loyalty and personalization with these best practices. Register Now Presented by Optum Health care’s Quadruple Aim is to improve health outcomes, enhance the experiences of patients and providers, and reduce costs — and AI […]


It’s IPO Time For Coursera

In 2011, Stanford professor Andrew Ng—along with the help of Daphne Koller—posted videos of his course on machine learning. Within weeks, there were over 100,000 learners who viewed it.  To put things into perspective: Ng’s on-campus course would involve about 400 students per year. This meant that he would have to teach for 250 years to get the same […]


Here’s The Greatest Barrier to Quality Health Care (and It’s Not Pre-Existing Conditions)

November 3, 2020 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In the Vice President debate, Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence debated over health care, and echoing the same argument from the first Presidential debate, pre-existing conditions were the main focus. Senator Harris declared that the Trump administration is […]


An American Airlines Flight Attendant Just Shared an Incredible Final Message. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

That date has come and gone, of course. And Breaunna Ross of American Airlines is now one of those affected employees. Faced with this fact, and flying her final assignment, the 29-year-old flight attendant delivered a heartfelt message to the passengers this week–one that was recorded and quickly went viral. Ross could have been angry, or upset, or […]


TikTok May Have Been Saved From a Ban, But It’s Still Bad News In Ways You Might Not Expect

On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it will, in fact, ban TikTok and WeChat effective Sunday night. Since then TikTok revealed that it had finalized a deal with Oracle and Walmart to become a U.S. company and the Trump administration has signed off. In the midst of it all, it’s worth considering what the bans really mean and […]


Tired of Being Kicked to the Curb? Maybe It’s Time To Be Your Own Boss.

September 15, 2020 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. How would you make a living and provide for yourself if you got laid off by your employer tomorrow?This question isn’t entirely hypothetical in today’s dicey economic environment. As the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continues to hammer various industries, the number of […]


Customers Care About How Your Supply Chain Functions—Time To Bring It’s Impact Up To Higher Standards

Seventh Generation employees participate in the 2019 global climate strike Seventh Generation Supply chains are critically important facilitators of our global economy, providing crucial resources and materials to companies to produce their products and services. And as we’ve seen recently, disruptions to supply chains can have major impacts.  In addition, People are increasingly expecting and […]


It’s No Longer A Viable Option For Capitalism To Ignore Carbon Impact

VC firm Fifth Wall seeks to help the real estate industry build scalable carbon-reducing solutions. Jeff Newton Studio LLC In our current model of capitalism, carbon emissions and environmental harm resulting from business operations are externalities that can be largely ignored by businesses and investors. But, as consumers, policymakers and society at large begin to […]