Mark Cuban Keeps Talking AboutThis 1 Simple Productivity Habit That Divides Successful People From Everyone Else. (But, It Might Not Work for You)

Also, being a billionaire.  But if there’s one other thing he’s known for, and has been highly consistent about over the years, it’s a productivity habit that he’s articulated again and again. It comes down to this: Fewer meetings, more emails.  “No meetings or phone calls unless I’m picking up a check,” he told Thrive […]


This Creative Entrepreneur Didn’t Want To Spend His Time On Administrative Tasks. He Found A Simple Way To Hand Them Off.

Like many people who start a business after a long corporate career, Wade Forbes wasn’t thrilled with handling the administrative parts of entrepreneurship.   Forbes, co-founder of RedTale Communications in the Baltimore, Maryland area, does “sketchnoting,” where he creates storyboards, illustrations and rich pictures for organizations to capture what is said at their meetings. “I tell […]