Top 5 Wartime Strategies to Survive the Recession

July 20, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Silicon Valley venture capital firm  a16z, once made the distinction between the circumstances that call for a “peacetime” vs “wartime” leadership approach. During peacetime, CEOs can focus on expanding the market and reinforcing the company’s strengths. During wartime, they […]


‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneurs on How to Survive Surges in Business

While many companies are fighting to stay afloat during the pandemic, others are struggling for a different reason.  Some businesses are experiencing a sudden surge in demand because their services are even more necessary during the pandemic. If this spike in business is not handled correctly, it can sink a startup.  Thankfully, there’s a group of founders with experience managing a rapid uptick in […]