How An Under 30 Alum Got His Startup’s Technology For Stabilizing Helicopter Baskets Into This Year’s National Defense Authorization Act

Vita Inclinata’s Caleb Carr Jamel Toppin for Forbes Vita Inclinata cofounders Caleb Carr and Derek Sikora came up with a way to stabilize helicopter lift systems, used in everything from emergency rescues to supply deliveries. In this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, they got the nod for millions of dollars of orders to outfit UH-60 […]


Pudu Technology raises over $15 million for ‘contact-free’ autonomous delivery robots

Shenzhen-based robotics R&D startup Pudu Technology today announced an over $ 15 million round. The company claims over 2,000 hotel, restaurant, and hospital customers — including Sheraton and JD.com — across 20 countries. It will use the funds to develop new products, expand sales, and explore markets overseas. The pandemic has accelerated the demand for […]