Inside Gumroad’s Historic Crowdfunding — And Sahil Lavingia’s Plans To Turn Customers Into Investors

Just before launching the crowdfunding campaign for his startup, Gumroad, Sahil Lavingia fretted. Despite two of tech’s big names, AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried, committed to invest a combined $ 1 million into Gumroad, other investors warned Lavingia against becoming a sacrificial lamb as the first entrepreneur to test the SEC’s […]


How to Turn Your Idea into a Business

March 7, 2021 9 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Ask any successful entrepreneur how they came up with the idea for their business, and they’ll likely be able to pinpoint the exact moment or scenario. For my startup, Punch List, a project management app that helps contractors and homeowners better […]


On CRM: Should You, Or Should You Not Turn On Your Camera For That Zoom Meeting?

Getty If you’re in sales, marketing, communications or service you’re likely using a customer relationship management system. But now that you’re working from home more often you probably have another tool that’s frequently alongside it: Zoom. You’re using Zoom – or a similar video conferencing system – for just about every meeting now. But maybe […]