The DeanBeat: What’s at stake in Apple’s potentially apocalyptic IDFA changes

You can’t solo security COVID-19 game security report: Learn the latest attack trends in gaming Access here The Identifier for Advertisers, also known as IDFA, seems like an unlikely candidate for causing an apocalypse in mobile games, advertising, and the iPhone ecosystem. But the obscure tracking technology, which anonymously profiles a user, seems like Death […]


I Can’t Believe What’s About to Happen at United Airlines and American Airlines on October 1

I never thought this could happen to United Airlines and American Airlines. In July, United Airlines warned that nearly half its workforce — that’s 36,000 employees — could be out of a job on October 1.  American Airlines made a similar announcement soon after, warning that 25,000 employees risked losing their jobs the same day. […]


What’s Next For The Hospitality Industry: Experts Dish On Best Practices For Hotel And Restaurant Re-Openings

As a customer service and hospitality consultant, I advise hotels at all star ratings and service levels (up to and including triple-Five Star Forbes Travel Guide properties) on “the hospitality part of the hospitality industry”: proactive customer service, standards and best practices, and moments of wow, large and small. A typical consulting engagement for me […]


Free Webinar | April 29: What’s Available to You From the U.S. Small Business Administration

Join us as we sit down with Allen Gutierrez, Associate Administrator of the Office of Entrepreneurial Development at the the U.S. SBA, to discuss what resources are available. April 24, 2020 1 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Did you know the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has resources to help […]