The 18 Golden Questions for Strategic Planning of Any Presentation

The right inquiries can signal our brains to search for different kinds of solutions.

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A few weeks ago, I delivered a virtual workshop about creating and delivering a dynamic, engaging and surprising virtual presentations. At the Q&A, one of the participants asked me to share the list I use when planning presentations and speeches and tailoring interactive, fast-paced virtual workshops.

With that in mind, here are my 18 golden , and you are welcome to adapt them for your needs. 

1. What’s the purpose of the presentation?

2. What do I want the to do or avoid doing at the end of the presentation? 

3. Why is it important for the audience; what benefit will it gain from this activity?

4. What’s the central and most important idea in the presentation?

5. What line, slogan or can summarize the central idea or message?

6. How can the line be phrased in a clever, more receptive or simpler way?

7. How can a line be phrased so people will remember it more easily?

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8. What is the most important thing I’d like the audience to remember to lead it to perform an activity I previously defined?

9. Why is this “thing” important?

10. Why is your answer to the previous question really important? 

11. What do I want the audience to feel so it can remember this important message?

12. What do I want the audience to know to feel this? 

13. The Magical Question: How can I deliver the big idea so it will be surprising, noticeable and easy to remember?

14. What else can we do to make it an unforgettable “wow” moment?

15. If you could consult with ,  or another creative leader and introduce before them what you’ve answered so far, what would they have advised you? 

16. What kind of change or improvement would I have done following the imaginary consulting I have just received? 

17. How will I know I have achieved my goal?

18. How do I bring my “authentic self” to the presentation to strengthen it?

And as a bonus, simple piece advice related to the mindset for preparing winning and memorable speeches and presentations, many people ask themselves what they’re going to say in a presentation. Instead, ask yourselves what you can show them and how you can make the moment memorable.

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The use of these questions signals our to search for a different kind of solutions, and in most cases, the brain receives a different order, and we reach different results.

Feel free to share your experience with the 18 golden questions. I would love to know about your success.


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