The Internet Can’t Stop Watching These Swiss Workers Commuting to Work By Floating Down a River

The shift to remote and following the pandemic has left many around the world kissing their former arduous, daily commutes goodbye.


But for some people in other countries, commuting to and from work is a much more enjoyable and lackadaisical task.

One TikToker named Alexa is going viral for showing viewers around the globe how she and others in Basel, commute around the city — by floating around the Rhine River.

In a video that would make New Yorkers living near the Hudson River gag, the TikToker explains that river dwellers in Basel have a fish-shaped dry bag called the wickelfisch which holds all of their stuff.

Since the current is so strong, people of all ages float up and down the river with their wickelfisch’s with ease, the creator says.

@alexas_adventures Replying to @Jojo siwa floating down the Rhine in Basel! Here is a bit more of an explanation, thanks <3 #fyp #wickelfisch #basel #rhine #switzerland ♬ original sound – marianne

One viewer asked how people are able to get to their exact destinations to and from work.

“You basically have to walk back to wherever you’re going,” she explained. “Some people use it as ‘transport’ to get from point A to point B.”

The TikToker also explained that there are multiple showers and bathrooms along the route.

“Still feel like it’s not a real thing,” one person commented in awe.

Another TikToker, Simona Rakauskait, posted an in-depth video explaining how the floating commute process works for the Swiss, something she noted was a “culture shock” when she first moved to the country.

“People do not jump in [to the river] their clothes, they put them into the bag and they just bring a towel and keep it in the dry bag,” she explained of the process. “So when they get out of the water, dripping water, they just dry themselves using the towel, put it back in their dry bag and change back into the regular clothes.”

@travelwithsimona Replying to @RachMattMoo how the Swiss float to work etc. #switzerland #switzerlandculture #swissculture #cultureshock #culturecheck #reversecultureshock #reversecultureshocks #cultureshocks #cultureshocksswitzerland #travellingswitzerland #livinginswitzerland ♬ original sound – Simona Rakauskait218

She said that some commuters put laptops and other work materials in the wickelfisches in order to make the commute as quick as possible.

“Im still tryin to wrap this round my brain,” one user joked. “Why hasn’t the world found this out before?”

@travelwithsimona Replying to @Andreea | Mentor for Coaches People floating in Bern ?? #bern #switzerland #floating #cultureshock #culturetiktok #culturedifferences #livingabroad #livinglife #aareswiss #aareschwimmen #aareschwumm #aare #livinginswitzerland #travelingswitzerland ♬ original sound – Simona Rakauskait218

Wet hair or not, a leisurely float sure beats rush-hour traffic any day.

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