The Next Generation: Tips For Encouraging Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

By Amine Rahal, a tech entrepreneur and writer. He is currently the CEO of IronMonk Solutions.

Every parent wants to provide their children with the necessary tools for them to flourish in adulthood. There are certain traits that all entrepreneurs exhibit from an early age like courage, resourcefulness, initiative and creativity. However, there are likewise things that we can do as parents and business leaders to ensure that the next generation is primed to be successful entrepreneurs. In this article, let’s discuss tips for raising enterprising kids as a mentor, coach or parent.

Foster An Enterprising Mindset

We can instill the importance of an enterprising mindset early in one’s life. We can teach our kids how to recognize where opportunities may lie and utilize their inherent creativity to bring ideas to fruition, solve problems and offer these solutions to others.

First and foremost, being an entrepreneur means possessing an enterprising mindset and having the creative capacity to act on this mindset.


Possessing determination and grit are essential characteristics for any adult, but especially so for entrepreneurs. Teaching kids early on about perseverance in the face of challenges is crucial. It’s paramount to instill in kids the understanding that in order to succeed, in all likelihood we will encounter numerous challenges before any given success in life.


Entrepreneurs understand that obstacles are not a hindrance, but can and must be overcome. In general, this is not only an excellent mentality to possess but also one that is necessary to successfully operate any business. Perseverance in the face of adversity is vital for the entrepreneurial mindset.

Teach Responsibility

Another important tip for raising the next generation of entrepreneurs is teaching responsibility from an early age. Regardless of the responsibilities that you delegate to them, whether it’s weekly chores, caring for a pet or something else, giving kids of any age responsibilities can help them understand the necessity and value of obligations.

Work Ethic

Having a high work ethic is a critical component of the entrepreneurial spirit. It goes without saying that hard work is mandatory for the success of any business endeavor. When young people understand the value of diligently working hard at something, we’re already setting them up to flourish in adulthood.

Instilling the value of having a laser beam focus and drive to accomplish tasks is a key element for enterprising youth.

Champion Creativity And Interests

Creativity is a paramount characteristic of any entrepreneur. In order to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs, we have to champion creativity and interests in our kids.

Giving kids and young adults the freedom to explore their interests and utilize their creativity is so important for the development of the entrepreneurial mentality. In addition, unfettered creativity enables the flow of ideas and unique solutions to common problems.

Teach Kids About Money

Learning about the concept of money is vital for the development of children, especially when it comes to raising enterprising kids. By teaching kids about money from an early age, they understand that they must work to earn money, which pays for the aspects of daily life.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to teach older kids about managing the money they make either from an allowance or a small business venture. Comprehending the necessity of effectively managing one’s finances is a critical life lesson.

Emphasize Courage

Every entrepreneur understands that starting a business comes with a healthy dose of courage. Operating a successful business comes with a certain measure of risk involved.

By emphasizing courage and the importance of taking risks, kids can learn that sensible risks can lead to phenomenal rewards. Kids can also learn invaluable decision-making skills, which are essential for success in adulthood.

Cultivate Competitiveness

Healthy competitiveness is an imperative characteristic possessed by every entrepreneur. It’s important to be able to recognize the competition and understand that there is always room for improvement.

Possessing a competitive edge can help kids meet challenges head-on and overcome them. Moreover, having a competitive nature enables kids and young people to strive to be better each day, fostering a growth mindset that is crucial throughout their lives.

Nurture Independence

An important characteristic of entrepreneurs is independence. A great tip for encouraging enterprising youth is to nurture their independence. When kids understand that they have autonomy, it can also bolster their courage.

Furthermore, possessing an independent streak can help kids operate in the world with more confidence. Likewise, it also encourages independent thought, which is paramount for finding creative solutions to problems.

Key Takeaway

Successful entrepreneurs are not born, they’re raised and developed. However, there are specific characteristics that make for a successful business owner. By instilling the aforementioned tips in children and adolescents, we can not only assist them in developing these vital skills but also create a foundation that can ensure they are enterprising individuals capable of becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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