These Are the Top 15 Most Affordable Airbnbs With ‘Wow’ Factors, According to a New Report

Finding a unique Airbnb doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet.

According to a report by the online casino site, BetMGM, there are plenty of affordable, unique Airbnbs in the U.S. — from sleeping in a silo in Connecticut to burrowing in a “hobbit hole” in California.

These quirky accommodations are also highly rated by guests.

Coming in at No. 1 is The Baying Hound Campground in Asheville, North Carolina. While there are a few different places to stay on the site, the least expensive option is the “Trippy Tortoise Shell-ter” — a turtle-inspired truck cab-camper-tent hybrid. It costs $25 a night and has a 4.90-star review.

No. 2 is The Chicken Coop Grain Bin in Blanchard, Oklahoma. It costs $49 a night and has a 5.0-star rating. The private room is in a repurposed grain bin surrounded by farm animals.

The Chicken Coop


The Retreat” in Pulaski, New York, ranked third. The unique farm stay home is priced at $60 a night and has a 4.99 rating. The house is about 10 minutes from New York’s famed fishing spot, the Salmon River.

The Silo at Sun One Organic Farm in Bethlehem, Connecticut, came in at No. 8. The converted 1940s silo has 30-foot ceilings and a “green” bathroom. The property also hosts weddings and has other accommodations on-site, like a geodesic dome.

Here are the Top 15 ranked by price per night. (Prices are based on the time of the report’s publication. Current fees may vary.):

Trippy Tortoise Shell-ter” at Baying Hound Campground, Asheville, North Carolina. $32

The Chicken Coop” in Blanchard, Oklahoma. $49

The Retreat” in Pulaski, New York. $60

Yome Away from Home” in Weaverville, North Carolina. $62

Underground Hobbit Hole Sustainable Ecovillage” in Del Norte County, California. $64

Peaceful Yurt” in Spokane, Washington. $65

Retromania!” in Houston, Texas. $66

Chalets by the Lake” in Conneaut Lake, PA. Newly renovated chalet nestled on 11-plus acres. $69

The Silo at Sun One Organic Farm” in Bethlehem, Connecticut. $73

Hobbit House” in Bainbridge Island, Washington 4.95. One room Hobbit Hole. $75.00

Stargazing Hut” Mossy Forest Glamping Newport, Tennessee. $75.00

The Bunkhouse at Love’s Hideaway” Lagro, Indiana. $75

The Silo” in Collbran, Colorado. $75

Luxury Jail Suite (Hard Time Hotel)” in Pearland, Texas. $79

Nopalito Train Car Apartment” in Edinburg, Texas. $79

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