This UV Sanitizer Can Keep Your Phone and Other Small Items Next-Level Clean

Protect yourself from the items you handle every day.

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Your smartphone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. We’re sorry to have to tell you that but, especially in these days of viral outbreaks, it’s important that you know just how germ-infested your touchscreen really is. Cleaning your devices is one of the most important precautions you can take to keep yourself safe from bacteria and viruses. Sure, cleaning wipes are a good option, but they’re flying off the shelves faster even than toilet paper and are reserved for hospitals on web retailers. A better option for keeping your phone clean, given this reality, is this SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer.

This UV sanitizer gives your phone the heavy-duty clean it needs. With a strong UV-C light, the sanitizer kills bacteria and harmful devices in just minutes without the use of any heat or chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your phone. Better yet, it actually charges your phone while it disinfects and works simultaneously as a diffuser. (Just add a few drops of your favorite aroma in the case and it will instantly freshen your surroundings.)

While designed for your phone, this UV sanitizer is also effective on earbuds, jewelry, keys, watches, and any other small items that you handle frequently. It’s a great way to bring a little extra cleanliness into your life without having to constantly wipe things down.

We’re all focused on protecting ourselves from germs, and this is one more tool in your arsenal. The SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer is 61% off $ 99.95 today at just $ 37.99. It’s available in white or black.

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